Recruitement CRM

Get entire team onboard, make a strong relations with recruitment teams, collaborate on JobItUs ATS platform for better outcome through recruitment CRM modules

Team Management module gives you more customization while providing the required access of recruitment software through our Hybrid role based permission system.

Vendor Management module offers external organization to collaborate with your recruitment software and recruit along with your internal team.

Freelancer Management module manages your external resource to get suitable applications for your job opening.

Employee Referral Management module gives a boost for your hiring process and attract more relevant applications from multiple sources.

Branch Management module offers to manage your multiple business verticals and related details which can use through out the hiring process.

Client Management module provides different information collection for every client which can use through out the hiring process. (For agencies)

Lead Management module can contain all your potential lead for your business development process. Communicate, track and build your new clients.(For agencies)

Client Module - external module for clients HR persons through which clients can create new job opening and share it.

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