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Own Career Website

Career page available on company website makes organization branding among the industry as well as increases the trust in candidates. Job seekers are more preferably proceed and apply for job opening through the career section available on organization's authorized website.

Applications coming through your career website are best in the quality and more valuable for your hiring need. - Best Applicant Tracking system integrate advanced featured and completely managed career section on your website where candidates can access your job openings and apply through it. Such applications will be collected by our recruitment software and you don't miss such potential applications for your current job openings.

No separate server required. No technical knowledge required. We take care for all technical stuffs.

Brand your organization through your own Career Website by integrating with best applicant tracking system

Customized Domain Configuration for Recruitment Software

Most of applicant tracking systems are operational through their own website. Recruiters need to use recruitment software through providers website even if you have your own.

We provide unique solutions for this scenario. We provide integration with your website for our whole recruitment software so recruiters can access and operate it through your own website.

How can your recruiters access best Recruitment Software on your own website

Uniquely Designed Job Posting solution

Job market is much advanced, you must be one step ahead from your competitor to get best employee for your organization.

We designed best job posting solution with unique features which reduce your efforts to catch best talent for your job openings.

Power of Walk-In Interviews and Telephonic Interviews for bulk hiring where you can use candidates as your helping hand.

Promote your company brand by publishing your all job postings on applicant tracking system

Powerful and simple Application Tracking

Getting best quality applications boost your performance and reduce hiring time. Smart recruiters prefer such potential applications as conversion ratio is best to close job openings effectively.

Our applicant tracking system has various options to collect best potential applications through multiple sources like career website, email applications, aggregators, job sites, referral applications. Recruiters can personally refer best matching applications for job openings.

Manage all application at single place within our best recruitment software for comparison and convenience. You can also track applications as per their status and their schedules.

Manage applications effectively by using our application tracking software

Build your personalized Resume Database

Having your own personalized resume database is the key for successful & effective recruitment. Recent days every smart Recruiter maintain its personalized database to close their job openings within less time and hiring cost.

Our hiring tool has smart resume database management system. Your resume database is highly personal and restricted with your account. You can manage user access permission for your personalized resume database.

Complete your hiring by creating your personalized resume database at

Excellent Resume Database Search

You can search resume from your own personalized database with smart resume search tool. You will have best search filters to catch perfect profiles as per your search.

Our resume database search matches profiles with your search criteria smartly and provide the resume result as per relevancy.

Search resume from your preferred candidates database from your own database

Integration with Social Media, Job Boards and Agreegators

Broadcasting your existing job openings and spreading it to multiple social media network, job boards and job aggregators is automated tasks handled by our broadcasting and submission automation tool. You never need to submit it personally. provide excellent integration tools to integrate with most common social media, job boards and job aggregators. It free up lots of recruiter time with least efforts while scrutinization and application management.

Integrate your recruitment software with multiple free job boards and job aggregators
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Email ID ATS Integration simplifies email communication

Advance Email ID integration features for best and simple email communication with candidates as well as with clients, vendors, branch manager and recruiters. You never need to login in another email client.

Integrate multiple email account and use them as per your various communication need.

Advanced email id integration with applicant tracking system facilitate you with best and simple email communication

Unique Interview Scheduler

Great interview scheduler keep eye on every interviews scheduled by you. Provides you a summary report at single glance so you will never loose any schedule confirmation.

Recruitment software take automatic followup with jobseekers for their interview appointment and also convey the same with hiring manager in the form of interview schedule report (Optional setting).

Interview Scheduler keeps transperant communication whos interviews are scheduled

Intelligent and customized Reports on Single Click

Knowing important recruitment activities and track every precious information is most important aspect for Managers. More stronger reporting, more effective hiring. Reporting is basic and important factor to streamline your recruitment cycle.

Our Intelligent reporting system gives deep analytical view against every important activities. You can generates various reports for your better tracking. Get reports in graphical views. Customize reports on single click. Also export reports in different formats.

Generate custom intelligent reports to identify bottle neck of recruitment process.

Specially optimized Bulk Emails for quick communication

Smart recruiters prefer email communication for providing various information to jobseeker. Sometime jobseeker ask for job description or recruiter need to send bulk emails about job openings to selected jobseekers. as a best applicant tracking system, provide specially optimized bulk emails solution for communication. Optimized bulk emails process where recruiters can send emails on single click and don't need to type while composing emails . Recruiters can also use their personal email templates to speedup their communication.

We have dedicated and high performing in house email servers to perform this activities and look out to deliver your emails directly into candidates inbox.

Communicate with jobseekers in bulk is key feature of our recruitment software

Tasks Management Reminds Your Important Events

Within recruitment there are various events recruiter need to remind and execute that on time. As recruitment has vast exposure and having huge burdon while hiring, it may possible to forget any important event.

Our task management module handle all important task and give alerts to recruiters accordingly on time so you never miss any important event. Manager also can assign task to specific recruiter.

Tasks Management and execusion on time is important to become successful in recruitment

Automated Alerts for Reporting & Followups

We developed automated alert system for most important events so you will be informed, keep you updated and remind on time. Managers and concern recruiter(s) will get informed through email and notification window about such important events. No need to use or make separate list elsewhere. This feature is also inbuilt in our system.

Inbuilt Automated alert system keep you updated about every important event

Permission Based User Assess

Corporate companies or big recruitment agencies have multiple operational location like multiple company plant, branches, franchises, freelancers. They need specific user accounts for their users according to their hierarchical level and operations.

Here you can create user account as per requirement. You can define their role and can provide specific access permission.

Create multiple user account and manage their access permission according to hierarchy.

Vendor Management for Corporate Companies

Corporate companies also need to manage their existing vendors and their details for their internal audits. Need some static data for calculating vendor performance and service quality.

Our applicant tracking system also take care for such needs. Companies can manage and access their all existing vendor details at single place. They can also calculate their performance and check their service quality.

Corporate companies are also hunting for reputed and genuine recruitment agencies. Here companies can also check best recruitment agencies their detailed business profile and their achievement with quality ranking and choose best recruitment agencies as their vendors.

Corporate companies can choose best vendors for their recruitment need

Inbuilt CRM For Business Development

Having the recruitment business also need strong business development section to develop new clients and maintain the prospective client list. Business development is most essential and important part for business growth and to built a strong image in market. also have intelligent and smart business development module well known as CRM specially invented for recruitment agencies.

How business development is essential for business growth for recruitment agencies.

Client Management for Recruitment agencies

Business competition is very high in recruitment industry. recruitment agencies using a smart solution for client management has less business risk with compare to others.

Our client management module is so simple to operate and helps to manage all necessary information about your clients. You can manage clients, client's multiple branches, client's recruiter information, their agreements. It also give remind you when agreement is going to expire, you can renew the same within time and you can retail the client for further duration.

Recruitment agencies require client management tool to retain their clients and keep you on step ahead.

Franchise Management For Expanding Your Recruitment Business

Smart and successful hiring firms are working from multiple cities and they also provide franchises to third parties to start their new division at new location. Expanding recruitment business through franchise is quiet impressive but need more concrete software infrastructure for franchise management.

Our Franchise management module has completely advanced functionality for managing large number of franchise network on pan India level. Placement agencies can setup franchise account of our recruitment software to their franchises and start their operational activities within few minutes.

How to setup new franchise within - Best applicant tracking system within few minutes.

Complete automation for Invoicing and billing process

Automating invoicing and billing makes procedures perfect, timely managed and error free. It collects essential information needed to construct an invoice, creating invoices, and issuing them to customers. Customize your invoice. Track invoice payments, followup for uncleared invoices.

By automating Invoicing and billing process makes business accounting simple and error free.

Essential Accounting reports for Taxation & ITR filing

ATS is not limited with invoicing but it extends your accounting to generates and maintain taxation and TDS information against your each invoices. It also maintain detailed information about your TDS deduction against payment received. You can create custom reports of taxation details & TDS deduction information for return filling.

Simplify your taxation and TDS accounting for your organization
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