Benefits for Recruitment Agency ATS is an fully automated application and provides all required features for Recruitment Agency

  • Run from your own domain environment. like
  • Have your own fully loaded job portals on your own domain.
  • Develop a career portal on your website with complete organization branding.
  • Cloud based infrastructure with 99.9% uptime and weekly complete backup.
  • High quality SEO and marketing tools to promote your career website.
  • No Hosting Server require, No software to install and no IT support required.
  • Dedicated email server for jobseeker communication. No need for own email server.
  • Effective, fast, time saving and fully automated recruitment process.
  • Supports PC, Tabs, Smart Phones. Access information from anywhere.
  • Unique business development with client integration in your ATS account.
  • Saves time and money by using fully automated ATS functionality.
  • Automated job submission to multiple free job portals and agreegators.
  • No more posting on expensive job portals.
  • Centralize a resume database management system.
  • No resume database size limitations. No extra pay for huge database.
  • Leverage your branding and develop communities to attract talent.
  • Analyze and monitor the performance of recruiters and interviewers.
  • Single online application for all your business branches.
  • Role-based security and access control system.
  • Complete CMS and supports multiple clients, recruiters and branches.

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